Thanksgiving’s purpose is to remind us of all those blessings we have in our lives. It’s a joyous day with family, friends, and neighbors. My family loves watching the Macy’s Parade, and after filling ourselves we love to get outside for some fresh air whether it is walking or playing. But now after celebrating all we have, what’s even better is what we have that can be shared with others.

#GivingTuesday is a global giving movement that comes the Tuesday following Thanksgiving. It encourages businesses/organizations/agencies to partner with a local charity to give back and support that cause. It’s a wonderful thing to see such a large movement that can do so much good. Ask your employer if they are choosing to give back this year! I’d love to see what our local employers are doing.

But what can you do? Who can you help, support, and serve to give back these holidays? Its so valuable to those that you help, but it is also giving back to yourself and nurturing your connection with others in your community. I challenge you to make a commitment this holiday season to do one thing for others, and please share this challenge with someone else so you may inspire them as well.